Analytics for career planning

Our Mission

We aim to empower individuals to make the best decisions about their careers.

What we do

We analyze hundreds of millions of resumes and job postings to build an analytics platform that allows users to navigate complex patterns in a simple and accessible way.


Users to real-world careers

We examine the behavior of individuals just like you to help you navigate the complexities of an ever-changing occupational landscape.


Data through cutting edge machine learning

Resumes and job postings are rich sources of data that are impossible to mine without the most cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence algorithms. We transform this information for you behind the scenes so you can navigate your career and plan your future.


New Information

We map out common career paths that you may not have known about. We allows users to analyze information about education, skills, work history, career goals, and navigate through new opportunities.

Our process

1. Analyze millions of data sets

OpenCareer analyzes a constant flow of real-world career paths to perpetually analyze career dynamics.

2. Turn algorithms into insight

This large amount of information is run through our cutting-edge machine learning and Natural Language Processing algorithms and converted into thousands of insights, providing you with the first truly data-driven way to plan your career.

3. Collect industry knowledge

Based on these insights, OpenCareer allows you to explore a multitude of career paths starting from your current position. Every transition is linked to a probability as well as a rich set of information regarding each occupation. This includes salary distributions, job openings, key skills, and alternative titles.

4. Find Recommendations

Besides exploring career paths, OpenCareer allows you to discover the shortest paths between you and your dream job. It also recommends skills that you should learn to find your way to your ultimate goal.

For more information

If you are interested in learning more about OpenCareer, please contact us at We’d love to hear from you.